Monday, October 7, 2019

October Grades 1-2 Book Club: Toys Go Out

For October's Grades 1-2 Book Club, we read Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins. Annemarie, Chase, Colten, Dylan, Eden, Joseph, LJ, Lyla, and Violet were present. Here's some of what we talked about!

In chapter one of Toys Go Out, StingRay says, "it's not so bad if you don't complain." Does complaining make you feel better? Or worse? How does it make others feel when someone is complaining?

-Worse because they're complaining and it might make me complain.
-I like to tease my siblings when they complain.
-I would hate it so much if they complain, I would yell at them.
-I would be so angry that I would tackle them.
-I would throw them.
-I would yell at my sister.
-I would just get mad and walk away.

Lumphy would rather be warned about something that he won't like. Would you? Why, or why not?
-I would like to be warned so that I don't hurt myself or get something wrong
-I would rather not be warned because I wouldn't want to do it anyway
-I would rather not so that I don't get frightened to death
-Yes, because I would like to be prepared for things

The Girl says her toys are her best friends. What makes someone a best friend? Can we always say that one friend is best, or are there different sorts of friends, with different qualities? Are oldest friends the same as best friends? Do you think the Little Girl loves one toy more than the others? Why or why not?
-I would make a new friend
-My oldest friend is older than my dad
-I would want to make a new friend. I only have a few friends in this country.
-The Little Girl preferred the StingRay over the other toys. She got StingRay when she turned four and it's her oldest toy.

Lumphy is afraid of the washing machine -- and comes to love it. (Him.) Have you ever been afraid of something and come to love it, later? What? How did that happen? Did you learn anything from that experience?

-One of my dogs because she always bit people but then I started to know her and loved her.
-I used to be scared of the rat in a movie but then I realized how the scary rat could be defeated.
-I used to not like Whitey at all and only liked Blackey but now I like Whitey as well.

We then worked on some worksheets, including a word search.

Please rate this book from 0-5, with 0 being the worst and 5 being the best.

-One 0
-Two 3
-Three 4
-Two 5
(one member didn't get a chance to vote)

For November's book club, we will be reading Captain Pug by Laura James.

"Pug is going on a seafaring adventure. He's had jam tarts for breakfast. He's wearing a smart sailor suit. There's just one problem. Pug is afraid of the water!"-summary

We will be meeting on Wednesday, November 6 at 3:00 p.m. Please be sure to pick up your copy of the book at the Circulation Desk (available on the day of this book club) and register (so Miss Lisa knows how many snacks to buy!). 

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