Thursday, July 8, 2021

July Grades 1&2 Book Club

For July's Grades 1-2 Book Club, we read Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid by Megan McDonald. Piper, Archer, Cora, Kian, Rosalie, and Min were present for our discussion. In addition to discussing the following questions, we designed our own State Quarters!

1. What is Stink's real name?

2. Who is Stink's sister? Have you read any of the books about her?

3. How tall is Stink?

4. Stink gives his Dad 3 reasons why being short is bad. What are they?

5. How much does Stink shrink?

6. Who is Stink's friend?

7. What does the nurse tell Stink about shrinking?

8. What do you think of the comics?

9. Who is Newton?

10. What does Judy do with Newton what happens? 

11. How does Mrs. D react to Newton's garbage disposal incident?

12. Who is Stink's favorite president? Why?

13. What does Stink suggest in his letter to the Governor?

14. What did you learn about James Madison in Stink's report? What did you learn about James Madison in the Governor's response?

15. Does this story inspire you to read more books in this series? Would you recommend this series to a friend?

Please rate this book from 1–5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

— 4
— 3
— 5
— 5
— No rating

For August's Book Club, we will be reading:

CatStronauts: Mission Moon by Drew Brockington

"When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage, the World's Best Scientist comes up with a bold plan to set up a solar power plant on the moon. But someone has to go up there to set it up, and that adventure falls to the CatStronauts, the best space cats on the planet! Meet the fearless commander Major Meowser, brave-but-hungry pilot Waffles, genius technician and inventor Blanket, and quick thinking science officer Pom Pom on their most important mission yet!" —Summary

We will be meeting on Wednesday, August 4 at 3:30 PM. Book Club will be held outside. In the case of inclement weather, Book Club will move indoors. Participants will be notified by noon, the day of, if the location changes. 

To register, visit the circulation desk or email Miss Colleen at 

Be sure to stop by the library to pick up your copy!

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