Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March Grades 1 & 2 Book Club: Willa the Wisp

For March's Grades 1 & 2 Book Club, we read Willa the Wisp (The Fabled Stables #1) by Jonath Auxier. Caelan, Ben, and Toby were present. Today's activity was a Word Scramble. We discussed the following: 

1. How is Auggie different from other children?  
He has no parents. 

2. What is Auggie's job?
He cares for magical creatures. 

3. What are the Fabled Stables?
A magical place with a bunch of magical creatures

4. Who are some of the animals that live in the Stables? 
Bush Squid
Long-Beaked Curmudgeon
Yawning Abyss

5. What is Miss Bundt working on for Professor Cake? Why is this important? 
A ladder. It is important because Auggie uses it to get a piece of the moon. 

6. Why does a new stall appear?
There was a new arrival, and the magical creature was in trouble. The new magical creature is Willa the Wisp.

7. What are the hunters hunting? 
Willa the Wisp 

8. How does Auggie rescue Willa from the hunters? 
Auggie uses Gargantula to help rescue Willa. Then, he takes a piece from the moon to heal her. 

9. If you could create a magical creature out of two animals, what would you choose? What would you name it?

A turkey vulture & a cat named Catavanger
A demon and a shapeshifter named Dshift
Mercury and Venus named Fire Icer

Please rate this book from 1–10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.
10 out of 10!
9 out of 10! 
9 out of 10!  

For April, we will be reading:

World at War, 1944 (Magic Tree House Super Edition #1) by Mary Pope Osborne

"When the magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back to World War II, Europe is in trouble! It is June 1944 and the brother-and-sister team must go behind enemy lines and crack a code that could save a lot of lives. But this is war, and Jack and Annie might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can they save everyone before the great battle of D-Day begins? They don't know, but they have to try!"—Summary

Previously published in hardcover as Magic Tree House Super Edition #1- Danger in the Darkest Hour.

To register, visit the circulation desk, email Ms. Colleen at, or give us a call at (401) 423-7280.
We will be meeting in the Meeting Room on Wednesday, April 6, at 3:30 p.m.

For New Book Club Members
At each session, the kids vote on a book to read for the next month. Then, Ms. Colleen orders enough copies of that book through the Ocean State Libraries consortium. You pick up the book at the library (usually a week after the last book club). Books are never due before Book Club. Children should finish the book before coming to Book Club. Please reach out with any questions.

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April Grades 1 & 2 Book Club: World at War, 1944

  For April Grades 1 & 2 Book Club, we read World at War, 1944 by Mary Pope Osborne . Previously published as Danger in the Darkest Hou...